Hello and welcome to Icon!  We're a fun, friendly guild full of great people and warm comraderie. We enjoy raiding, leveling, achievements, dungeons, guild events, mount and pet collecting, PVP, and all that is Azeroth.  We strive to live up to our guild name, and we hope that when you interact with a member of Icon, you've met someone who is respectful, helpful, and amicable.    

In addition to being one of the most active guilds on Earthen Ring, being a member of Icon comes with the best perk of all -- you're family.  We love our guildies, enjoy hanging out together, and go the extra mile to make sure our home in Azeroth is a place we all look forward to coming.

Please feel free to check out our website. Note that some content may only be viewable by signed in members. Recruitment is currently open to all classes, levels, and play experience. Our only requirements are that you're at least 16 (Icon is an adult guild) and that you bring a positive attitude.

If you think Icon is a good fit for you, please contact Laurelynn in game or apply within.  To sign up for access to this website or to apply, you must first set up a Guildlaunch account.  Recruitment and Login links should automatically direct you to do so.  Please choose a user name similar to your main character so we know who you are.  We look forward to you joining us!

Warmest Regards,

The Lady Laurelynn of the Glade
Guild News

New Officer - Slickrick

by The Lady Laurelynn, 15 days ago

Congratulations to Slickrick on promotion to guild officer!  We appreciate all of your hard work, love for Icon, and willingness to help your guildies with anything and everything.  You are a shining example of what Icon is all about, and we're so happy to have you as our newest officer!

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Heroic Nighthold is Vanquished!

by The Lady Laurelynn, 58 days ago

Congrats, Icon Raiders, on vanquishing the denizens of heroic Nighthold and acquiring your Ahead of the Curve achievement!  You all did an outstanding job and should be very proud!  

Alas, a hero's work is never done.  The Tomb of Sargeras kickoff meeting will be TONIGHT at 8:00 EST.  Ventrillo is required.  Because we have more than 25 people signed up, please do make sure that you plan to attend and secure your spot.  We look forward to seeing you then!

Warmest Regards,

The Lady Laurelynn of the Glade

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Tomb of Sargeras Kickoff Meeting

by The Lady Laurelynn, 69 days ago

For those of you interested in progression raiding Tomb of Sargeras with us, there will be a kickoff meeting Tuesday, June 20 at 8:00 PM EST.  Ventrillo will be required for this meeting.  If you are interested in a raid slot, please send an in-game mail to Laurelynn with your toon name, spec, and raiding experience and I will add you to the invite list for the meeting.  Attendance at this meeting is mandatory if you want a raid slot.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Warmest Regards,

The Lady Laurelynn of the Glade

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Tomb of Sargaras Raiding

by The Lady Laurelynn, 99 days ago

If you wish to join our progression raid for Tomb of Sargaras, please send an in-game mail message to Laurelynn with the toon you wish to bring, spec, and raiding experience.  Please note we will raid Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00 - 10:00 PM EST.  If you want a raiding slot in the progression group, please plan to be regularly available both nights.  As always, you will not be considered for a heroic slot unless you join us for the normal runs.

Once the date for Tomb launch is announced, we will schedule a kickoff meeting.  Attendance at this meeting is mandatory if you want a raid spot.  

We look forward to you joining us!

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Nighthold Defeated!

by The Lady Laurelynn, 124 days ago

Sorry for the late post.  Congrats to our Icon raiders in defeating all of the entities of the Nighthold!  Outstanding job everyone!  

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